Professional production wall mirror, bathroom mirror, floor mirror, full-length mirror,LED smart anti-fog mirror and custom led mirror manufacturers

  • <p>Professional Experience In Mirror Design And Production</p>

    Professional Experience In Mirror Design And Production

    Professional production wall mirror, floor mirror, full-length mirror,LED smart anti-fog mirror and wholesale bathroom mirror manufacturers

Our Mirror Products

As a professional wholesale mirror suppliers & decorative wholesale bathroom mirror manufacturers, RIXONYAATECH has more than 20 years of professional design production of high-end LED intelligent light mirror, bathroom led vanity mirror, makeup mirror wholesale, high end mirror, custom metal framed mirrors, mirror cabinets, real estate and hotel KTV and other custom led mirrors.In addition, we provide mirror one stop solutions for customers. Welcome to join RIXONYAATECH and become RIXONYAATECH bathroom mirror round with light wholesaler for win-win cooperation. Let's seize market opportunities and create wealth together.
  • <p>Professional Team<br></p>

    Professional Team

    RIXONYAATECH wholesale mirror suppliers has a professional team, more than 20 years of professional design production

  • <p>Service Advantage<br></p>

    Service Advantage

    We have a nearly 20 hour rotation mechanism to try to get customers to reply

  • <p>Production Equipment<br></p>

    Production Equipment

    The wholesale bathroom mirror company has advanced production equipment and production lines

  • <p>One Stop<br></p>

    One Stop

    Collection of art design, development, production and sales


The technical indexes of the custom made led mirrors products have reached the national standards and the advanced level of similar products abroad. Custom wholesale bathroom mirror round with light wholesaler Products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries. 


We pay attention to providing solution for mirror system, RIXONYAATECH wholesale mirror suppliers can customize professionally and create more value for customers.At present, it has become the best partner of more than 500 five-star hotels worldwide. We welcome OEM and ODM orders to discuss. In addition, we have our own brand RIXONYAATECH, welcome to become our wholesaler and agent.
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