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 As a professional bathroom led vanity mirror manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of professional design production of high-end LED intelligent light mirror, led bathroom mirror, makeup mirror, wall mirror, full length mirror, high-end household entrance mirror, mirror cabinets, real estate and hotel KTV and other high-end mirror, is a collection of art design, development, production and sales of mirror and mirror cabinet source factory.

  • Automatic mirror cutting machine
    Automatic mirror cutting machine
    Mirror cutting production line is composed of loading platform, computer cutting machine, breaking machine and unloading platform. The whole assembly line is controlled by computer, with high degree of automation and convenient maintenance.
  • Mirror edging machine and cleaning machine
    Mirror edging machine and cleaning machine
    Mirror edging machine mainly through grinding head motor and grinding wheel to achieve glass grinding and polishing
  • Automatic laminating, engraving, sand blasting machine
    Automatic laminating, engraving, sand blasting machine
    Laminating machine is the film, the rubber drum and heating drum pressure together, forming an integrated product, computer engraving machine through the computer to the computer engraving machine instructions, computer control computer engraving machine cutter, in the mirror back engraved has been designed on the computer image. 
  • Decoration mirror assembly process
    Decoration mirror assembly process
    Decorative mirror, suitable for living room, bathroom, sliding door, dressing table, etc.  Combine the mirror with the metal frame backplane by using glue and screws  
  • Installation method of LED intelligent antifogging bathroom mirror
    Installation method of LED intelligent antifogging bathroom mirror
    If you're tired of stepping out of the bathroom and facing a foggy bathroom mirror that you must wipe with a towel, the mist mat feature allows you to solve it with one click. Best of all, these features are only a touch away.
  • Deliver the goods to the customer in containers
    Deliver the goods to the customer in containers
    Container refers to a large loading container with a certain strength, stiffness and specification for turnover use.  In container transhipment, the goods can be directly loaded in the consignor's warehouse and unloaded in the consignee's warehouse
  • Bathroom mirror packaging process
    Bathroom mirror packaging process
    In order to protect the products in the process of transportation, convenient storage and transportation, packaging through many improved tests 
  • Wall mirror installation method
    Wall mirror installation method
    When adornment, wall mirror may be an important asset. Because it reflects the light, it can help illuminate and expand even the smallest and the most dark room, make them more attractive and comfortable. Wall mirror can also add decoration for your room, it is an ideal focus to your space. No matter which position in the home, all create a delicate, spacious aesthetic feeling.

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